venerdì 23 novembre 2007

Let's introduce us

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Do you have to make jobs of maintenance and/or of reclassify on your ship?
Do you want a service of elevated quality that respects the times of delivery?

Well, we are what you need!

The yard is easily attainable, also by sea, in proximity of the Nautical Saloon and the careening docks.
Since 1982 our strength points are rapidity of execution, flexibility and high specialization.
We take care of every phase of the workmanship, from the acquisition of the order to the testing, for works of every kind and dimension.

Often as prime contractor, we have collaboration from specialized firms for specific workmanships like:
- superficial treatments and paintings
- electrical and air conditioning systems
- precision mechanical workmanships
- maintenance of principal motors and diesel generators, auxiliary engines and axles/screws
- furnishing works, coverings, etc.

Pertinence sectors:
- reparations and naval transformations on every kind of ship: passengers, ferries, tankers and
oil-tankers, ro-ro, cargo, containers, etc
- yachts reparations and restyling
- reparations and maintenances of tow, fishing, barges, pontoon, etc
- construction of job boats, barges and pontoon
- realization and maintenance of industrial and civil installations

Principal activities in naval sector
- hull blocks prefabrication and superstructure
- extension hulls
- transformation ships
- construction and assemblage bulges
- construction and assemblage forward bulbs
- realization of double hull on tanker
- reparation of whatever damage to hull, even afloat ship
- ships reclassify
- realization of new installations
- realization and renovation pipelines
- ready intervention for reparations hull damages
- adjustment lifesaving means
- realization logotypes and names ships.

Yard workmanships:
- metallic carpentry in iron, steel inox, aluminum
- tubisteria in iron, stainless steel, cunifer, etc
- weldings: electrode, edge, edge on ceramic support, tig, submerged arc, etc
- tracing, cutting and folding plates for whatever design.